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3-in-1 LED Moving Head Wash Lightt 3-in-1 LED Moving Head Wash Lightt 3-in-1 LED Moving Head Wash Lightt

Product Model: Mj-1005

1. The 3-in-1 LED moving head wash light uses 7 high-power 3-in-1 LEDs with each LED working for 100,000 hours on average. And its shell is made of streamlined PC engineering plastics in one-through molding.
2. The ultra-brightness light emitted by this product can be in parallel with the ordinary electric light bulbs.
3. This product can conduct large scale scanning with the horizontal and vertical scanning angles of 540°and 265°, respectively. And the scanning accuracy can be either 8 bit or 16 bit at an adjustable speed. Meanwhile, when scanning, the product can be positioned accurately upon request as well.
4. This 3-in-1 LED moving head wash light can operate automatically or be controlled by the music. Its 8 built-in procedures are manipulated by the DMX signal. Furthermore, this product also accepts the DMX 512 signal control. And there are altogether 12 standard channels with the main channel capable of simultaneously dimming 3 main color channels.
5. It is characterized by low power consumption and countless RGBW mixed colors.
6. The electronic stroboscopic speed reaches 1 to 18 times per second.
7. The beam angle is 25°for option.
8. The product is manufactured in line with the CE and UL standards.

Technical Parameters
1. Voltage: AC90-240V
2. Frequency: 50-60Hz
3. Power: 60W
4. Control Signal: DMX 512
5. Control Channel: 12
6. Light Bulb: LED 3-in-1×7
7. Net Weight: 2.8KG
8. Gross Weight: 3.5KG
9. Packaging Size (L×W× H): 250×220×295 mm/ 510×230×310 mm(2PCS)

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