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The LED tube light adopts the super bright LEDs from the CREE and AOD as the light source. Thus, compared with ordinary tube lights, it can save 80% electricity and its lifespan is 10 times longer. In addition, this product is almost free of any maintenance, and its ballast and starter have long durability. This can effectively help you save operation costs.

The LED tube light we produce can be lit up under a certain voltage with the dimming function. By contrast, the conventional tube lights are illumined under the high voltage released by the rectifier. However, when the voltage lowers, they will fail to be lit up. More importantly, our product doesn't generate any ultraviolet rays, so around light exists no flying insects, keeping the room clean.

As a specialized LED tube light manufacturer in China, Meijia provides a wide array of products that includes LED light bulb, stage effect light, LED underground light, and LED wall washer, among others.

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