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DMX512 Controller

1. The DMX512 controller can maximally control 12 computer lights, each computer light having 16 channels at most.
2. It has 30 banks, each bank having 8 programmable scenes.
3. There are 6 programmable chases, each chase having 240 steps.
4. This product has 8 sliders for manual control of channels and 2 manual control wheels.
5. The file dump of this DMX512 controller allows the data to be transmitted and received between 2 controllers.
6. Auto mode program can be controlled by speed and fade time sliders.
7. Each computer light controlled by this product may have either 8 or 16 channels.
8. The digital wheel device can make fine adjustment for horizontal or vertical movement of the lighting fixtures.
9. This DMX512 controller comes with a blackout master button.
10. The built-in microphone is used for music synchronous functions.
11. Midi is used to control over banks, chases and blackout.
12. This product is fitted with DMX polarity selector, power failure memory protector and the LED connector.

Technical Parameters
Model MJ-7002
Input voltage AC 90-240V/50-60HZ
Audio input Built-in microphone or line in, 100mv-1vpp
DMX in/out 3 pin multiple socket
MIDI in 5 pin multiple socket

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